Automating Your Payroll Needs...

And Literally Everything Else.

Why Omnipresent?

For a while, we looked for a reliable method for worldwide employers with us on JOBSEEQR to be able to pay their remotely-working Lebanese employees, instead of relying on the likes of Western Union or Cryptocurrency, especially for the sake of taxes, compliance with employment laws in Lebanon, and all other post-employment/onboarding related concerns with hiring Lebanese talent. On top of that, we wanted to help you be able to transfer salaries to Lebanese employees with minimal effort.

Essentially, Omnipresent take care of all that for you, making it effortless and carefree on you to hire people in Lebanon with sheer confidence, by providing you with every onboarding service/feature you can think of. Omnipresent are also an extremely reliable company to work with, operating in over 160 countries worldwide, receiving average ratings of 4.7/5, being featured by Forbes magazine multiple times for their exquisite work helping companies go global, and, most recently, they received $120 million in Series B funding, amplifying their success in building worldwide teams for companies across the globe, and setting them up for even greater things. Check out the features listed below for more.

Features Provided By Omnipresent

Everything on Omnipresent has you in mind as an overseas employer hiring people in Lebanon, and working with them will help you massively with completing the onboarding process in a legal and carefree manner. These features include (and are certainly not limited to):

1) Employer of Record - they act as the organization that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work at a different company, something you'd especially want when you build teams of employees in countries where you're not based in

2) Global Payroll Solutions (As mentioned previously) - Our main motivation for this partnership, they allow you to transfer money to Lebanese employees. What's more amazing is that they keep track of days off, maternity leave, and take care of bonuses and raises too!

3) Employment Contract/Paperwork Drafting - this proves helpful especially for the sake of complaince with employment laws in Lebanon, minus the hassle of actually having to know the laws and come up with suitable paperwork.

And Much, Much More! If you're interested, make sure you click on the blue button to activate your 50% off offer on select services as a loyal JOBSEEQR customer!