About Us

Where Innovation and Compassion Coincide.

How It All Began

JOBSEEQR was first created as a result of the ongoing dire economic situation in Lebanon, where we are really from.

As we watched the unemployment rate in the country hit all-time highs, we wanted to do something about it.

We also didn't want to build a basic platform that has many similarities with other platforms of the kind (i.e.: email-based applications), which prompted us to build JOBSEEQR, a free-to-use mobile application that features both messaging and video chat (for interviews) as methods of communication, alongside a built-in CV viewer for employers to seemlessly view the CV of the person they're communicating with while they're doing so.

Why JOBSEEQR Recruit?

Sure, our app has succeeded spectacularly, attracting hundreds of employers from across the world who successfully hired employees through our platform, but, recently we've come to terms that not all employers want to engage in the whole process of using an upp through which you receive applicants and have to determine who's qualified or not for x interview rounds; instead, they just want to go over a handful of well-qualified applicants and choose who to hire from those people.

So, we made JOBSEEQR Recruit for you! You come to us, tell us what you're looking for. From there, we receive applications, interview applicants and do background checks on them for you, and then we come back to you with up to 5 of the best applicants we identified for the job, led by a team of some of the best hiring managers we can possibly find. From there, all you have to do is schedule a follow-up meeting with them to evaluate them yourself, and hire whoever you find to be the best fit!