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You have not accepted any applicants yet. Once you accept an applicant, you will see the corresponding job post appear, and once you click on it, you'll see the applicant you just accepted inside that job post.

About the Messaging Center

This is where all the communication on JOBSEEQR takes place.

In order to start receiving messages from applicants, you must go to the “Applicants” tab, evaluate the applicants, and once you approve applicants, you will be able to communicate with them on this tab.

After approving applicants, you will see the corresponding job post appear on the side bar under “Pick a Job Post”. Here’s how it might look like:

Junior Software Developer

12 Candidates

5 unread

Once you click on it, you will be able to see all the candidates inside. Once you click on a candidate, this window will transform into a messaging window, similar to what you see on other popular messaging applications.

From there, you can message the chosen candidate freely, further evaluate their resume, and even schedule an interview with them.

Please let us know via info@jobseeqr.co if you need any assistance. We also welcome all suggestions and critique, because, ultimately, we want to give you the best possible experience.