Donating to Scholarship Funds

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A Quick Lesson in Economics

A lot of families have been struggling to pay bills and make ends meet, causing a lot of children and young adults to miss out on a quality education. Worse, this has caused a significant increase in child labor, and college students have been forced to drop out or go to extreme extents to keep their dreams and aspirations alive. Not only is this taking away their basic right to a quality education, but, worse, robs children of their childhood, has a huge negative effect on the physical and mental health of our children and young adults, and, if this issue becomes widespread, perpetuates the cycle of poverty and reduces the potential for economic growth.

Invest In Our Youth

To ensure that we don't create a stagnant state of no economic development and reach a point of no return, we need to address the issues and invest in the future of our young people, who are the key to the future of our country. Without granting them access to quality education, the future of our country is in jeopardy. One effective way to tackle this issue is by funding school-level and college-level scholarships, which can support families struggling to pay for their children's education and provide young people with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

How We Can Help

School-level scholarship fund: The JOBSEEQR Scholarship Fund is a merit-based fund we've set up to help underprivileged children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 pursue a proper education, while alleviating some or all educational expenses for families in need, giving them a bit more breathing space when it comes to covering expenses while their children are able to continue their education. Since we just got the news earlier this week that the fund has been registered, I will be setting up the donation portal over the next few days and it will be out really soon. Make sure you give us a follow on Instagram (@jobseeqr) to know when it's officially available!

College-level scholarship fund: Last July, Impact Lebanon announced that they have set up a college-level scholarship fund. If you'd like to donate, visit A big shoutout to Impact Lebanon (@impact.lebanon on Instagram) for the amazing work and all the effort they put in to make a difference, you guys are truly amazing for everything you do, much love to you all. ❤️

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