Hiring Lebanese Employees

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A Quick Lesson in Economics

Given the economic state that the country is in, our people are struggling to make ends meet, especially with how low jobs pay against how relatively expensive everything has become. The best way we can tackle this is by creating jobs for them that pay better. To get a bit more technical with the economics, this increases consumer spending, which would lead to economic growth, especially since employees are getting paid with money that's coming from outside Lebanon. The easiest way we can give our people the opportunities they deserve is (you guessed it!) through hiring them.

How Hard Is It To Hire Lebanese?

Providing Lebanese people with jobs is what we specialize in, it's the whole point of our platform! If you want to hire Lebanese, we'll actually recruit the very best personnel for the job for you. We hire both remotely and in-person, and our amazing partners at Omnipresent facilitate things like salary payments for remote employees, visa applications, and much, much more. All you have to do is visit jobseeqr.co/recruit, check out what we do, and sign up or schedule a demo with us.

"Do We Benefit?"

I hate bringing this up, but since we're here, I might as well do so. It's our duty as Lebanese expats to give our fellow Lebanese people the leverage to succeed, knowing how amazingly capable, hardworking, and intelligent our people are, and giving them what they truly deserve. In return, they'll take the job, work hard, achieve great things, and contribute to the growth of your company. Along with the feeling of fulfillment by handing these people a second chance in life, that's all there is to it. Period.

Now, I will not say any names, but certain Lebanese CEOs across the U.S. have told me "Ah okay, you should have told me to hire Lebanese because it's cheaper rather than talk about helping people, that's what I care about." (Yes, I'm actually serious).

I mean sure if your name was John Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch then I would've mentioned that in order to convince you to do so... You've been in the U.S. for only a few years, so what is it then? You made your money with your little company and threw your whole Lebanese identity away?

If you're reading this, please don't be like those people. Let's build bridges, not destroy every last glimmer of hope we have left. We're better than this. Our country and our people need us more than ever, so let's do what's right and not act selfishly.

Closing Message

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