Help Lebanese Companies Expand To External Markets

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A Quick Lesson in Economics

With limited options for growth within Lebanon (and all this potential, capability, creativity, and hard work of our amazing people going to waste), it would be a great idea to help certain companies expand to markets outside Lebanon. This move can strongly stimulate economic growth, because, logically speaking, money is coming into Lebanon from overseas via these companies.

The Challenge They Face

HOWEVER, expanding to new markets is far from easy. It's like that one time Ryan Reynolds said "I'm on that new diet where you eat everything and pray for a miracle." It can be a complex and challenging process, requiring significant resources and expertise, but knowing our people, there's nothing they aren't capable of if given the leverage. That's where we as the Lebanese expatriate/diaspora body come in and give them that leverage.

How We Can Help

Using our wealth of knowledge, connections, and expertise to help businesses expand to markets outside of Lebanon.

Market insights: If the market in question is your specialty, provide valuable information on the culture, consumer behavior, and business practices in the target market.

Business connections: Use your personal and professional networks to help businesses connect with potential customers or partners in the target market.

Language support: Businesses could use your help translating labels on their products as well as their services as they expand to a specific country.

Legal and regulatory support: If you come from a legal background or have regulatory expertise in the target market, you can help businesses navigate local laws and regulations.

Marketing support: If you have marketing expertise, you can help businesses develop effective marketing strategies and promotional materials for the target market.

Logistical support: Helping businesses navigate logistical challenges such as shipping, customs regulations, and other local requirements in the target market goes a long way.

Here's an even better idea: If you're part of a Lebanese diaspora network, propose an initiative which aims towards targeting companies across Lebanon that have the potential to excel abroad and work alongside them to make that a reality, which, in turn, puts these companies at the forefront of our country's economic development. Bring together a group of individuals with several years of expertise across many different fields, and plan things out however you think is most fitting.

How to Get Started

Network with company founders on LinkedIn, educate them on this matter (maybe even send them this article explaining to them what got you to them), and, from there, do your magic and help them out with expansion as much as you can. No matter how small your contribution is, it will make all the difference in the world.

Closing Message

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